Type of Concerts

1. ‘Darbari Mehfil’ – Revival of the Royal Court Mehfils of the yesteryears.

In present times, Dr Soma Ghosh is the only artist presenting the ‘Darbari Mehfil’ concerts. In this concert/mehfil, effort is put in to recreate the Royal Court Mehfils by the Kings of the yesteryears. The Set is decorated with antic decorations & lights. A ‘Nawab’ sits on the pedestal throne along with his ‘Shayars’. Dr. Ghosh & her accompanists come on stage and the Mehfil begins – she sings Darbari specialities & ghazals, while a Dancer gives expression to her songs and the Shayars do ‘sher-o-shayari’ in between songs.

2. ‘Subhe Benaras… Shame Awadh’- is a morning and evening concert!

These days, this kind of concert is rare and people are forgetting the morning Ragas! In the morning Dr. Ghosh presents Benaras Gharana specialties like Kheyal, Dadra, Hori, Kajari, Chaiti etc. and in the evening, Lucknow Gharana specialties & Ghazals. Gusty dancers dance to the tunes of Hori & Kajari.

3. ‘Parampara’ – Concert presenting the Endangered Instruments of India.

On the behest & support of Hon. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and the legendary composer, Naushad Ali, Dr. Soma Ghosh started doing the popular ‘Parampara Series’ which presents and highlights the Endangered Instruments of India – such as Tabla Tarang, Jal Tarang, Bamboo Tarang, Rudra Veena, Sundari, Shehnai, Esraj, Taar Shehnai etc. in the first half. In the second half, Dr. Ghosh sing and present the future form of ‘Parampara’ - on modern beats. Many dancers give lyrical performance.

4. ‘Sham-e-Akhtari’ - Tribute concert to legendary Ghazal Queen, Begum Akhtar

After a film on Begum Akhtar, Dr. Soma Ghosh pays tribute to Ghazal Queen – through her immortal songs. Dancers give lyrical expressions.

5. ‘Ghazal Usne Chhedi…!’ A Ghazal concert.

In the first half, Dr. Ghosh sings the immortal hit ghazals of Noor Jehan, Mallika Pokhraj, Begum Akhtar, Farida Khanum, Iqbal Banu, etc. and in the second half, Dr. Ghosh sings ghazals from her latest albums. Dancers give lyrical expressions.

6. ‘Sangeetanjali’

Traditional Kheyal, Thumri Dadra, Tappa, Bhajan concert by Dr. Soma Ghosh & her accompanists.

7. ‘Sufiana’ / ‘Bhajans’- An evening filled with spiritual /sufi songs by Dr Soma Ghosh, some of them composed by the legendary Ustad Bismillah Khan.

8. ‘Aaina-e-Ghazal’

Ghazals penned by Meena Kumari and tribute to her by Dr Soma Ghosh through a presentation of very carefully selected Ghazals which resonated with the pathos of the pen of Meena Kumari. It is a Song and Dance concert that showcases the hit dance numbers of Meenaji, while Dr Ghosh sing’s the Ghazals written by Meenaji.

9. ‘Yaad-e-Bismillah’ – Shraddhanjali concert in memory of the Late Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan.

An autobiographical film on Ust. Bismillah Khan, is screened and is followed by Benaras Gharana specialties (by Dr. Soma Ghosh & a Shehnai artist,) that were so dear to the Legendary Shehnai Ustad.

10. ‘Naushad Ki Awaaz’ – Shraddhanjali concert in memory of the legendary composer, Naushad Ali.

An autobiographical film on Naushad Ali Sahab, is screened and is followed by the immortal hit songs of Naushadji, sung by Dr. Soma Ghosh & her accompanists.

11. ‘Fusion Harmony Concerts’ : Our culture meets yours!

A new series of concerts started as a way to present Indian music in a more understandable and appealing way to the people in different countries, mixing our rich Indian heritage with their local instruments and folk music.

Dr Soma Ghosh very successfully conducted two ‘Fusion Harmony Concerts’ in Suva Civic Centre, Fiji and at the International Folk Music Festival at Linkoping, Sweden.