An NGO with Noble Dream.

A Non-Profit Organization “Madhu Murchhana”, founded by Dr. Soma Ghosh proposes to make a collective effort towards bringing together the many endangered musical instruments, dance and traditions of various Gharanas in India under one roof in “Sangeet Gram” and to preserve, promote and propagate them.


Dr. Soma Ghosh is the daughter of freedom fighter, Shri Manmohan Chakravarty and ‘manasputri’ of Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan, with whom she has had the opportunity to perform five Jugalbandis / duet concerts- of which two were held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, and the Parliament of India, where she was felicitated by former President of India, Hon. Dr. A.P.J.A. Kalam, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Shri Jaswant Singh and the 543 MPs of India. She is the first woman to ever perform at the Bal Yogi Auditorium, inside the Parliament of India.

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Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.

― Victor Hugo

Type of Concerts

‘Darbari Mehfil’ – Revival of the Royal Court Mehfils of the yesteryears.

In present times, Dr Soma Ghosh is the only artist presenting the ‘Darbari Mehfil’ concerts. In this concert/mehfil, effort is put in to recreate the Royal Court Mehfils by the Kings of the yesteryears. The Set is decorated with antic decorations & lights. A ‘Nawab’ sits on the pedestal throne along with his ‘Shayars’. Dr. Ghosh & her accompanists come on stage and the Mehfil begins – she sings Darbari specialities & ghazals, while a Dancer gives expression to her songs and the Shayars do ‘sher-o-shayari’ in between songs.

‘Subhe Benaras… Shame Awadh’- is a morning and evening concert!

These days, this kind of concert is rare and people are forgetting the morning Ragas! In the morning Dr. Ghosh presents Benaras Gharana specialties like Kheyal, Dadra, Hori, Kajari, Chaiti etc. and in the evening, Lucknow Gharana specialties & Ghazals. Gusty dancers dance to the tunes of Hori & Kajari.


Dr. Soma Ghosh and her group have conducted various workshops at some of the most well- known cities in the world. Dr Soma Ghosh has conducted 4 workshops at Nandi, Suva and Lautoka at the Fiji Islands; and during her 7 day stay at Mauritius she was successful in conducting 4 workshops, which provided an ‘Introduction to Indian Classical Music and it’s Forms’. When she recently visited Sweden through I.C.C.R., she conducted 3 interactive workshops spread over the country, including one at Linkoping at the International Folk Music Festival. She and her group were seen to modulate the contents of her workshop according to the participants and their knowledge of Indian Classical Music.

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We trying hard to make your fresh mind we trying hard to make your fresh mind


Revitalizing Indian Cultural Heritage: Smt. Bageshwari Devi Thumri Festival

In the enchanting realm of Indian classical music, the rich heritage of Thumri stands as a testament to the profound beauty and emotional depth that this art form encapsulates From 21st to 25th April 2023, a momentous occasion unfolded in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh—the Smt. Bageshwari Devi Thumri Festival.


The Banaras Gharana Parampara

My Gruruma, Shrimati Bageshwari Devi, suddenly died due to a heart attack, after not getting a post in the Khariragarh university