Madhu Murchhana is an N. G. O. committed to the promotion of Arts, Culture and especially Indian Classical Music. It aims to preserve our rich cultural heritage and promote it among common men, by exposing them to the best of what we have in our tradition.

This aspect deserves special attention today as more and more of our youth are getting alienated from this rich classical tradition, overwhelmed as they are by the massive cultural invasion of our lives through television and now, the internet. Backed by massive financing all over the world, western cultures have monopolized all the attention. While there is nothing wrong with our younger generation knowing what is happening around the world, there is nevertheless an urgent need for them to be equally exposed to our traditional arts and music, to have a stronger connection with their roots. And that is what drives the nascent organization of Madhu Murchhana, small but with big ambition, dedication and passionate zeal for achieving the need of the hour.

Established in 1999, over the last two decades, it has held an average of 3 concerts each year- at platforms that has national presence. Over the last 8 years, Madhu Murchhana has consistently received grants from the Ministry of Culture to hold innumerable concerts and workshops for the preservation and promotion of different forms of Indian classical music. Madhu Murchhana was also entrusted with organizing the Centenary Celebration concerts of Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan by the Ministry of Culture, sharing the responsibility alongside the Sangeet Natak Akademi.

Since its inception, Madhu Murchhana has branched out and launched Madhu Murchhana Audio in 2006, Madhu Murchhana ‘Sangeet Gram’ digital recording studio in 2017 to record & archive music from different Gharanas & endangered instruments, and the first of its kind- the Madhu Murchhana- Bismillah Khan ‘Sangeet Gram’- a music village dedicated entirely to the preservation and promotion of Indian Music and heritage- through the Guru Shishya Parampara.

Madhu Murchhana has taken initiatives to introduce the methods involving music as the medium to reduce psychosomatic effects on adults as well as children, it being the subject chosen by Dr. Soma Ghosh for her doctorate. It is also driven to introduce music therapy in India which has been successful as a therapeutic intervention for people with physical disabilities. These techniques have been used to develop and maintain joint and muscle function or to increase fine and gross motor coordination and control, increase muscle strength, increase range of motion, improve cardiopulmonary and respiratory functioning, improve oral-motor skills, facilitate relaxation and controlled movement, as well as provide an outlet for emotional self-expression and provide opportunities for social interaction.

Besides the above-mentioned activities, the organisation is also trying to stretch out its helping hands to aspiring musicians, imparting training and support. Special effort is being made to provide support to visually impaired music students

The steps taken by Dr. Soma Ghosh, the founder trustee of Madhu Murchhana, to achieve the above objectives can thus be categorized into four groups-

  1. Educating and training talented students. 
  2. Promoting Young Artists.
  3. Musicians Welfare Fund.  
  4. Preservation & Promotion Of Endangered Classical Instruments & Gharanas of India

A) Educating and Training
1)   Presently training 25 students in Indian Classical Music.
2)  Proposal for Sangeet Gram – a residential music ashram for talented students in seven classical streams, especially in endangered instruments like Tar Shenai, Sarangi, RudraVeena, Jal Tarang, Tabla Tarang, etc. The proposal is now with Govt. of  Maharastra & Govt. Of Uttar Pradesh.
3) Have successfully launched a training programme for visually impaired music students since 2013.
4) Donation of Rs. 3.25 Lakhs to Bageshwari Devi Thumri Academy, Varanasi, in 2013.
5) Held interactive workshops in Varanasi’s Sunbeam and Krishnamurthy Foundation Schools where Dr Soma Ghosh interacted with over 3,000 students in 2017.
6) Successfully visited schools and colleges in remote areas of Uttar Pradesh to speak about women’s empowerment and the need for revival of classical music, an initiative with Spic Macay 2018. 

B) Promoting Young Artists
1) To promote and provide a platform to the torch bearers of various Gharanas, Madhu Murchhana started the ‘Parampara’ Series on 26th June 2003 at ISKCON auditorium, Mumbai.
2) ‘Parampara’-festival, exhibition & seminar on Endangered Instruments of India, inaugurated by Hon. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, President of India in 2006, and organized Parampara in 2008, 20009 and a five day festival ‘Parampara’ in 2013 held in Mumbai and Delhi.
3) Provided a platform for budding shehnai artistes at 8 concerts held across India as a part of Ust Bismillah Khan’s Centenary Celebrations held in 2017-18.

C) Musicians’ Welfare Fund
1) Financial aid to Pt. Balwant Rao Bhatt, Varanasi in March 2000.
2) Financial aid to ailing Pt. Mohan Masterji, Varanasi in Aug. 2003.
3) Housing aid of Rs 50,000/- to Ust. Jabbar Hussain of Rampur Gharana on 29th May 2004.
4) Sponsored Ust Subhur Khan by buying him a synthesizer. 4) Financial aid of Rs. 50,000/- to an ailing Mr. Malay Chakravartty in June, 2012 for his heart treatment.
5) Financial aid of 25,000/- to Mehtab Hussain in 2013.

D)  Social Responsibilities under-taken by MadhuMurchhana
1) Donated the entire ticket sale proceeds of ‘Shraddhanjali – 1’ for reliefto the victims of the Bhuj Earthquake through the event managers, Times of India, in March 2001.
2) Entire ticket sale proceeds of ‘Shraddhanjali -2’ donated to a Spastic Children’s Society, POSAT India Ltd. 
3) Built a dispensary room in Jawla, Jamkhedh District, Maharashtra. 
4) Was a member of the Central Implimentation Committee for Centenary Celebrations 2016-17
5) Partook in a sanitary napkin distribution drive in Uttar Pradesh alongside the National Bunkar Action Committee. 2018
6) Holding a series of concerts in aid of ‘Sangeet Gram’- Bharat Ratna Ust. Bismillah Khan Kala academy, 2018. 

Having organised concerts at nationally recognised and prestigious locations, and attended by India’s finest audience, Madhu Murchhana has veritably made its presence felt in the Indian music scene.

Among the many concerts organized by Madhu Murchhana, some are:

  • ‘Ras Barse’ Jugalbandi concert- at the Bal Yogi Auditorium, Parliament of India.

A jugalbandi concert of Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan & Padma Shri Dr Soma Ghosh, who then became the first woman to perform in the Parliament of India.

  • Revival of ‘Darbari Mehfils’ At the Taj Palace, Mumbai, Taj Falaknuma Palace Hyderabad, Leela Hotel, Mumbai, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi, Siri Fort, IHC and many others.
  • At historically important locations like Purana Qila, New Delhi, Bandra Fort, Mumbai, Chet Singh Palace, Varanasi.
(Photo: Chet Singh Palace)
  • Invited Stalwarts to perform such as –

Ust Bismillah Khan, Pt Bhimsen Joshi, Pt Birju Maharaj, Smt Sitara Devi, Smt Girija Devi, Ust Zakir Hussain, Pt Vishwamohan Bhatt, Pt Ram Narayan ji, Pt Brij Narayan ji, Parveen Sultan, Dilshad Khan, Dr BalMurali Krishnan, Pt Kishan Maharaj ji, Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pt Kumar Bose, Pt Debu Choudhary, Pt Ajay Pohankar, Ust Shahid Parvez, , Pt Vijay Ghato.

  • Held important concerts like Parampara- Exhibition, Seminar and concert for Preservation & Propagation of the Endangered Indian Instruments which was inaugurated and attended by Hon Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Hon Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Hon Shri SM Krishna. This concert included recitals and an exhbition of endangered Indian instruments like Rudra Veena, Jal Tarang, Tabla Tarang etc. Other concerts include (revival of) Darbari Mehfils, Sham e Ghazal, Thumri Festivals, Kajri Festivals, Shardhhanjali Concerts, etc.